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We design and produce our own personalised cake toppers. And also offer this for third parties, so If you're decorating your own cake and want a topper to compliment your cake/cupcakes, just get in touch.

We use premium 300gsm pearlized card to ensure our toppers have some strength to them when used. Once designed the topper is then glued onto a food grade wooden skewer which can be placed directly into your cake.

Our cake toppers are roughly 5" - 6" wide and their height is in direct proportion to the number of words used. Toppers work best with a maximum of 2 - 3 words.

Cupcake toppers are also available, minimum order of 12 is required.

Prices start from £6.00 for card cake toppers, including 1st class postage within the UK.

We have recently added multi layered card toppers (character themed), and acrylic toppers.

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